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Using Cocos2D. I've currently subclassed much of the player sprite and behaviors away from a debug map, and now I am having trouble referencing a TMXLayer from the sprite class. I've tried allocating an instance of the DebugZoneLayer class inside this method from the sprite class and releasing it with strange results. This compiles without errors, but fails to test the if (blocksCollidableGID | blocksCollidable2GID){ conditional because debugZoneLayer.blocksCollidable doesn't mean really anything to this method right now.

Method inside sprite class:

-(BOOL) checkTileCollisionForStrafing:(NSString*)omit{

    for(int j = 0; j < _collisPushPointsNums; j++){

        NSValue *val = [_collisPushPoints objectAtIndex:j];
        CGPoint p = [val CGPointValue];

        CGPoint tileCoord;

            tileCoord = [debugZoneLayer tileCoordForPosition:ccp(_heroSprite.position.x+_vel.x+p.x, _heroSprite.position.y+(p.y+.001))];
            tileCoord = [debugZoneLayer tileCoordForPosition:ccp(_heroSprite.position.x+p.x, _heroSprite.position.y+_vel.y+p.y)];

        int     blocksCollidableGID  = [debugZoneLayer.blocksCollidable  tileGIDAt:tileCoord];
        int     blocksCollidable2GID = [debugZoneLayer.blocksCollidable2 tileGIDAt:tileCoord];

        if (blocksCollidableGID | blocksCollidable2GID){
            NSLog(@"j = %i", j);
            return YES;

    return NO;
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I'm guessing now I have to make some kind of pointer but I'm not sure. –  VagueExplanation May 3 '11 at 19:05
Actually I think I'm just going to do a method call to my DebugZoneLayer class from my sprite class to get the blocksCollidableGID's. –  VagueExplanation May 3 '11 at 19:20

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