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I have no problem printing an Express shipping label. The ground shipping label doesn't want to put the tracking number in the label. Has anyone had a similar problem?

I return a tracking number like this.

GROUND 800027415019375

When it goes to print the label with all the data it doesn't put in the tracking number, instead it puts in this. A690,418,0,5,2,2,N,"G" B80,933,0,1E,4,2,290,N,"9612019000000000000000" A135,1247,0,4,1,1,N,"(9612019) 0000000 00000000"

Anyone have an idea how to change this using some fedex webservice call. It does it automatically for express, just not for ground.


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Its possible you don't have a ground acct number connected to your express acct number. This is the behavior that results from that.

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the issue was on test account federal express prints its own fake numbers that don't represent what a valid production # looks like.

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