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PowerBoots is a very useful example of DSL which exploits script blocks to create GUIs:

Boots {
   StackPanel {
      Button "A bed of clams"
      Button "A coalition of cheetas"
      Button "A gulp of swallows"

I know that without specifying a target Domain this question appears very general. So I'm going to make it more specific:

Do you know any other project implementing a kind of DSL in powershell?

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You should also look at psake:

Also, I just found Pester, which is the PoSh answer for RSpec:

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Another example: Windows PowerShell: A Better XML

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PowerShell Pack has WPK which is anotherDSL exampl like PowerBoots Boots and WPK are merging into Show-UI: The PowerShell WPF Toolkit – Doug Finke May 3 '11 at 19:50

Here's an example of a DSL for XML in PowerShell. Here's a blog post by Jeffrey Snover about DSLs in PowerShell (look at the comments for more links).

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I tried PowerShell as DSL script for a C#.Net application and my experience has posted here. .PowerShell is really powerful when it comes to DSL world.

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