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I've got an iframe loading in a facebook tab on a fan page and I'm not having any luck accessing the $_REQUEST["signed_request"] object. I'm confused because this is supposed to be a freebie and easily accessible. I've read and re-read the facebook docs and rechecked my facebook application settings but nothing is working.


is always false. Since I'm using the Facebook PHP sdk I've also tried


I've done print_r on the $_REQUEST and I don't see the signed_request in there. When I print_f the $facebook object, I see that the signedRequest is empty

[appId:protected] => XXX
[apiSecret:protected] => XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
[session:protected] => Array

        [access_token] => XXXXXXXXXX|2.h75WqKxcA1xbNPufFvpKQQ__.3600.1304452800.1-726960374|JiO0ZS30SyLaApeqhMtdocK8B_Y
        [base_domain] => XXXXXXXXX
        [expires] => 1304452800
        [secret] => rDF9C_z43_EUFy0Q_e6tyQ__
        [session_key] => 2.h75WqKxcA1xbNPufFvpKQQ__.3600.1304452800.1-726960374
        [sig] => 1971ef7eb8057c7404eae1f82d770ab5
        [uid] => XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

[signedRequest:protected] => 
[sessionLoaded:protected] => 1
[cookieSupport:protected] => 1
[baseDomain:protected] => 
[fileUploadSupport:protected] => 

[EDIT] I do have the OAuth 2.0 setting enabled for the application.

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I had this issue once, never looked back but you can try play with the settings of your app a bit. Other than that, I guess you need to report a bug to FB. – ifaour May 3 '11 at 21:38
Does this affect all browsers? – Jimmy Sawczuk May 5 '11 at 18:35

OK, just had this on problem myself and found the issue.

Make sure that you do not have a 301 redirect on the canvas or tab page. In my case I set the app up as "" but my site was doing a 301 to ""

The content would show, bit the 301 caused the signedRequest to be null.

Added "www" to my domain in the app settings and the signedRequest now contains the data I was looking for.

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1 are awesome bro!! my app was fine on heroku but on my site it didn't give signed_request..i didnt add www in the tab url.. – Karthik Sekar Nov 24 '12 at 11:27
Thanks, I was forcing HTTPS with the same result. – andrewtweber Mar 1 '13 at 18:31
Jesus, just had the same problem. Those sneaky www subdomains... – dchacke Sep 10 '13 at 20:12

I just had this problem. Finally figured it out. I had to add a forward slash to the end of my Tab URLs in the application settings on the Basic tab.

Instead of:

I needed:

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It tooks my whole evening to fix it. – Shiro May 15 '12 at 9:41

I had the same problem And I resolve it. It's a problem with the URLS. Be sure that your App Domain & Page Tab URL match the same domain for example:

1) App domain: Page Tab URL: will work

2) App domain: Page Tab URL: will work

3) App domain: Page Tab URL: will work

4) App domain: Page Tab URL: will not work

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After some investigation, I suspect this has something to do with where the iframe source is hosted.

When I moved everything to localhost, the signed_request started coming in fine.

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Edit the settings of your tab application. On "Advanced" tab, make sure "OAuth 2.0 for Canvas" is enabled.

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I should have mentioned that I do have OAuth enabled. Thanks. – DrANoel May 4 '11 at 12:10

it's an old question but I found this with google... the problem for me was that I did a manual redirect to the https url of my pagetab and than the $_POST['signed_request'] got lost

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