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So I try to get a Visual-Studio-With-Resharper-esque keyboard shourtcut scheme in IntelliJ, which involves assigning Ctrl+R,Ctrl+R to "Refactor > Rename". I'm not allowed. Reason: Ctrl+R is "Assigned to [Console.TableResult.Reload] which is still not loaded".

How can I remove the assigment from a function that is "not loaded"? Why is it not loaded and how do I load it?

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Some actions are added dynamically, e.g. when you activate version control, corresponding actions are added in different menus, etc. That's why sometimes IDEA knows that actions with dedicated shortcuts may be added, but may be not. It warns about such a situation. The message is not easy to read nor to understand though. Will be fixed ASAP.

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ok cool. In this particular case, do you know what "Console.TableResult.Reload" is? –  Nilzor May 6 '11 at 5:52
I had the same problem with remapping a different keystroke. (Cmd+;, which is mapped to Show Project Structure--also "not loaded.") It turns out if you just remap the key anyway, it asks you if you want to remove the conflicting binding. You can click "Yes." –  Brian Morearty Aug 30 '11 at 16:40

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