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I wonder if there is a way to stop Xcode 4 warning me about using the assignment operator inside, for example, an if-statement and suggesting me to either place parentheses around the assignment or use the equality comparison operator. There is no need to warn me about these kind of things, I know what I'm doing!

So has anyone figured out how to do this? Thanks if you can tell me.

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Warning about that kind of thing is a pretty standard feature in good compilers. I, for one, am glad it is there, that is far too common of a typo that generates headaches when debugging –  Dan F May 3 '11 at 19:17

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That might depends on the compiler you use, but you can tune compilation warnings using the Build Setting "Other Warning Flags".

Adding -Wno-idiomatic-parentheses is supposed to suppress this particular warning.

Look at this very similar SO question

An see this one and this Apple documentations for more details.

And avoid using LLVM2.0, it is bugged.

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+1 avoid llvm 2.0. –  Richard May 3 '11 at 19:50

Thanks, Vincent! Another way to silence this warning is by setting "Missing Braces and Parenthesis" to "No" under "LLVM compiler 2.0 - Warnings" in your project's build settings.

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