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I have this function in charge of making a ajax call, and based on the response, change a HTML Element

The thing is.. I need to know the know which element triggered the call when the callback happen. The way it is right now, seems to be working (have tested only in Chrome); but for some reason it does not appear for me being a 'jQuery way' of doing it.

function accept_order(e){
  var target = $(e.currentTarget)
      authenticity_token: j('[name=csrf-token]').attr('content'),
      id: target.parents('tr').attr('data-order-id')
    function(resp, status, xhr){
      if(resp && resp.length && resp[0] == true ){
        alert(xhr.element)     // <-- attention here
  ).element = target           // <-- and attention here

  return false;
$('.action_button.accept').click( accept_order );

Is this a good way? Any suggestion for something better?

The same logic of this applies to .ajax and .get, I'd recommend to have this sort of example in the official API

Screenshot CLOSURE, where? <-- Chrome debugger FAIL.
Actually, using console.log() would show the variable defined.

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This is the beauty of Javascript; you can simply access variable target in the success function because of the closure.

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Can you provide a working snippet of that? I get undefined if use target inside the callback :/ – Fabiano PS May 3 '11 at 21:36
Your answer were right, even though the debugger would show otherwise. -updated – Fabiano PS May 5 '11 at 20:35

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