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I know there is plenty of PHP mail libraries out there, but most of them are designed to send emails, is there any library that will help me fetch emails from imap/pop3 accounts, deal with attachments etc?

I'm already using imap_* functions from PHP IMAP extension but using it is problematic, as I have to re-invent the wheel in most cases (ie. parsing the result of imap_fetchstructure to get to attachments)

Mayby there is any ready to use lib build on top of imap_* or similar, that will help me deal with fetching mails, without re-writing all that logic behind well known problems?

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I have missed the obvious Zend_Mail will do the trick

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Here is a PHP Pop3 Client that I use for a script on my server.


You could easily use that to create a graphical layout, but I have not had the necessity for it.

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Thanks for hint, but that lib is little outdated (I haven't seen the var declarations in classes since a while now :) ) –  canni May 4 '11 at 9:24

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