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Currently my site's static content is residing in the application server. The plan is to move it to the apache server. But the problem I am facing is, as the html files are dynamic includes, the contentroot is getting attached to the request. And therefore, even though i am giving an 'Alias' in the virtual host of the apache conf, it does not get redirected properly.

For example: My Jsp is footer.jsp inside which i am calling /static/footer.html as jsp include. The static folder is now under apache. So my url is: - //localhost:8840/ar/common/footer.jsp and i am trying to access: - //localhost:8840/static/footer.html. But the request is always processed as: - //localhost:8840/ar/static/footer.html.

In the 'virtual_hosts.conf' i have added: (running different hosts under the same IP) - Alias /static /opt/Apache2.0.54/htdocs/ar/static

I am completely new to Apache and would greatly appreciate any guidance. Hope the problem is clear. I could provide more details if any questions. I do not know what more details are needed. Thanks.

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Do you have Apache listening to port 8840? By default it is only set to 80. –  clmarquart May 3 '11 at 20:53

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I think you could use a symbolic link to link /static/ to /ar/static/.

ln -s /static /opt/Apache2.0.54/htdocs/ar/static

This will create a directory link named static in ar to the real static directory, so when you will try to access localhost:8840/ar/static/footer.html you will access localhost:8840/static/footer.html

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could you please elaborate a little more? where should i specify the symbolic link? –  Vincy May 3 '11 at 20:51
edit: I tried to elaborate a bit more. –  isra17 May 3 '11 at 21:16

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