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In my Rails app I would like to allow users to upload either image or non-image files via Carrierwave. Currently Carrierwave is working fine handeling and processing image files, but unfortunately its dropping non-images files completely. Is there a clean way for a single Carrierwave uploader to process both image and non-image files?

I'll include my current uploader below:

class AssetUploader < CarrierWave::Uploader::Base

  include CarrierWave::MiniMagick

  storage :file

  def store_dir

  version :thumb do
   process :resize_to_fill => [300, 300]

  version :icon do
   process :resize_to_fill => [48, 48]

  def extension_white_list
    %w(jpg jpeg gif png pdf doc xls docx xlsx ppt)

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I haven't used CarrierWave gem, but with Paperclip this is pretty trivial. Looking over CW's readme, using it looks waaaaaay more complicated than using Paperclip, as well. Just my $.02 – Yardboy May 12 '11 at 2:45
You're right. I actually ended up switching back to Paperclip, heh. – jklina May 12 '11 at 13:48
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I had this exact problem. I solved it with the hoary comp sci solution of one-more-level-of-indirection: a trampoline/thunk method that dynamically decides whether to process based on file extension.

You can find the implementation here:

(the naive approach of introducing logic in the version block actually doesn't work because of how the CarrierWave DSL works - the logic needs to be deferred until invocation)

I hope that helps.

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It's a start, but incomplete, as it still create the versions. The processing doesn't happen, but you'll end up with multiple copies of the original file. – keithepley Sep 23 '11 at 19:29

I know this has been answered, but aaron's answer doesn't completely solve the problem. You can use what he suggested at if you only need to call process, but not if you want to selectively process with version.

For version, see the carrierwave wiki page here:

You can now do this in your code, and it will only process the version block on images

version :thumb, :if => :image? do
  process ...


def image?(new_file)
  new_file.content_type.include? 'image'
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