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I have a Django View that constructs a dictionary to a template. I have seen similar questions but no one shows how to access the dictionary value in the template using the object pk as the key (in my case the keys are pks of the object).

View code that constructs the dict:

comment_uservote = {}
  if not current_logged_user.is_anonymous():
    for comment in comments_all:
            co_vote = Vote.objects.get(user=current_logged_user, comment=comment)
            comment_uservote[comment.id] = co_vote.vote
        except Vote.DoesNotExist:
            co_vote = ''
            comment_uservote[comment.id] = co_vote

I have also tried with comment_uservote[str(comment.id)] but this does not help either.

Template (that does not work):

{% for comment in comments %}
  {{comment_uservote.comment.pk}} <!--this does not work-->
{% enfor %}

However, the following works if I add any comment's pk to the comment_uservote.

Template (that works but if a direct substitution):

{% for comment in comments %}
  {{comment_uservote.16}} <!--this works-->
{% enfor %}

Appreciate your help. Please let me know if you need something more from me.

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No, this doesn't work, and the documentation doesn't imply that it should. You will need a custom tag or filter.

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Fairly new to Django. Which one would be easier to implement between a tag and filter. Any hint specific to my situation would be beneficial since I have no clue where to start. –  user201788 May 4 '11 at 14:45
Is there any article you can point me to, that will give me a hint and helps in my case? –  user201788 May 4 '11 at 19:02

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