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i want to insert the Content of a html editor to DataBase via wcf but when text size is more than 40 lines it does not work out. How can i increase the size of data length for an only operation Contract ?

i want to set the size just for one Operation Contract because of Security Reasons

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It is not possible at Operation level and has to be done at the service level.

If you really have concerns, create a Service which has only this operation and create a dedicated binding where you change the various quota threshold.

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thanks for your guide –  FARHAD AFSAR May 5 '11 at 23:27

You can do this when you define the end-point binding on the client side, sample app.config

        <binding name="BasicHttpBinding_ITestRunner" closeTimeout="01:00:00" openTimeout="01:00:00" receiveTimeout="01:00:00" sendTimeout="01:00:00" allowCookies="false" bypassProxyOnLocal="false" hostNameComparisonMode="StrongWildcard" maxBufferSize="6553600" maxBufferPoolSize="5242880" maxReceivedMessageSize="6553600" messageEncoding="Text" textEncoding="utf-8" transferMode="Buffered" useDefaultWebProxy="true">
          <readerQuotas maxDepth="320" maxStringContentLength="8192" maxArrayLength="16384" maxBytesPerRead="4096" maxNameTableCharCount="16384" />
          <security mode="None">
            <transport clientCredentialType="None" proxyCredentialType="None" realm="" />
            <message clientCredentialType="UserName" algorithmSuite="Default" />
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thanks for your guide –  FARHAD AFSAR May 5 '11 at 23:27

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