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Looking for advice on the best View layout to use and avoid future re-work. The requirement is to display an image and a few lines of descriptive text (say, < 5 lines) in the middle of the screen. The image plus text will be of approximate size 1.5 inch square.

A future version will require that the image+text combo can be swiped left/right and up/down.

A menu of buttons will be provided but don't need help with that. I'm looking for advice on the best View layout to start with (not help with the code). Thanks

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LinearLayout sounds pretty appetizing to me...

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Okay, I see how that would work. Using flickr images as the example data, navigation is primarily left/right through buttons or swipe. To avoid going to the server to get a new image+text combo each time, it might be a good idea to cache a small number on the device. If so, what is best option - a gallery view structure or just keep cached images in local db or something else? –  Henry Thornton May 4 '11 at 8:35

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