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I Have managed to create a CI project that uses GIT as it's source control, and an MSBuild extension to label the assemblies based on the CCNet build label, and commit that changed label

I have other projects that are manually triggered to publish this version to particular sites etc.

I would like the project status in the dashboard to display the build label (eg 2.1.345.0) from the assembly, or from a built dll, so that we can easily see which revision was published at the last manual trigger.

There's plentyof info on updating assembly info for a build, but nothing on using a assemby ifnfo version for the displayed 'last build label'

Any Ideas anybody ? Do I need to create a task to manually update the state file ? that sounds a bit dodgy.

Thanks in advance

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None of the built-in labellers does what you need, but you should probably be able to write your own custom labeller to that.

You can find two custom labellers with source code here and here to get you started.

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