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I developed a game for iPad using SDK 4.2. I am using latest Facebook Graph API to publish score on Facebook wall but have disabled opening Safari for authentication by changing in method:

- (void)authorizeWithFBAppAuth:(BOOL)tryFBAppAuth
                safariAuth:(BOOL)trySafariAuth {
   trySafariAuth = YES; //changed to 
   trySafariAuth = NO;

It works well on Simulator by opening login dialog inside the app but on device (iPad) it opens Safari and the application goes in the background. While tracing through debugger, I found that:

didOpenOtherApp = [[UIApplication sharedApplication] openURL:[NSURL URLWithString:fbAppUrl]];

in the same method is 'YES' when run on device and 'NO' when run on simulator. This difference is causing difference in behavior. How can it be resolved? I need to use in-app authorization.

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Never mind. Here is the solution.

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