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In my rails application, i have a form where user has to select some items via checkbox. I want to display the selected items' information in a div.

I am currently using javascript to do that.

So in form, when user clicks in a checkbox, i pass the 'this' obj as parameter to a javascript function which then appends the 'this.value' to the end the div.

However appending the 'this.value' displays only the id of of the selected item. I also want to display the other data of the selected item in the div.

Is that possible in javascript? How do i get other information of the 'this' obj, apart from 'this.value'?

Many thanks for any suggestion provided.

Please find code below-

#in my form:
<input id="id_<%= item.id %>" name="submission[item_ids][]" onclick="addtoselected(this);" value="<%= item.id %>" type="checkbox" />

javascript code:

function addtoselected(obj){
    var s = '<div>' + obj.value + '</div>';
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Put up some code that you have so far. Preferably on jsfiddle.net. It's hard to understand what you are asking. –  Alex Wayne May 3 '11 at 23:00

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If the text you want is in a label, you could loop through all labels and check which one has the id in his for attribute.

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Use the contents of this.value to lookup the information you need. You could send it as a parameter to a server-side script to get its information back in JSON format, or if you already have an existing javascript object store, you could look up the item's information from there.

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Thanks for the suggestion..will have a look at JSON and try using it –  tanya May 3 '11 at 23:13

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