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I simply want to achieve this line of SQL:

UPDATE table1
SET table1.col = table2.col
     table1 ON table2.id = table1.id

How can that be done using Entity Framework with minimal number of round-trips? All I can think of is using foreach to loop through my table2 and update it's related entry in table1, but that leads to a whole lot of round-trips, doesn't it?

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There is, unfortunately, no UPDATE in Entity SQL at present. A workaround is to use regular SQL. Without this, keep the number of round trips to a minimum by loading all required rows from both tables at once and calling SaveChanges as few times as possible.

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As Craig has said, there is no in-build support for multiple objects in EF, but you can build your own or use following link as reference.



Both use same logic but efe provides a wrapper and some more functionality. Basically clean code. (Like that!). I hope this will help.

Sanjay Zalke

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