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I'm making a program with a logger. The logger has its own JFrame. I'm trying to override the reaction from clicking on the minimize-button of that frame. I would like the frame to either setVisible(false) or do the defaultCloseOperation (as i set that to hide earlier).

How should I do this? Thanks in advance

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@user545236, Applications should only have a single JFrame. Other helper windows should be dialogs. The accepted answer may work, but it is not the proper usage of a JFrame, that is why JDialogs exist. –  camickr May 4 '11 at 3:33

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Use a JDialog instead of a JFrame. JDialogs don't have a minimize button.

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You can add a WindowListener and add a iconified handler that will react when the window is minimized.


    frame.addWindowListener(new WindowAdapter(){

          public void windowIconified(WindowEvent e){
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treat the illness, don't doctor on symptoms ;-) Just to emphasize Rob's comment ... –  kleopatra May 4 '11 at 11:07

You can use the WindowStateListener like this

    f.addWindowStateListener(new WindowStateListener() {

        public void windowStateChanged(WindowEvent arg0) {
            if (arg0.getNewState() == Frame.ICONIFIED) {
                // do stuff

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