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Possible Duplicate:
How does one escape characters in Delphi string

In Delphi a string is contained within a pair of ' but I need to use ' in my string... and when I use one it brings a end to the entire string identification.

'inside string ' but this bit is outside' inside again' and the end

Is there some symbol that removes the coding affect of the next character?

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You need another quote to escape a quote:

Writeln('I''m in your head'); //prints: I'm in your head
Writeln(''''); //prints: '

See also this question.

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Delphi has QuotedStr() function that adds quotes around string and does escaping of apostrophes in string automatically.

procedure MyForm.MyProc;
var str : string;
  str = QuotedStr(MyForm.Edit1);

QuotedStr() will put contents of edit field into apostrophes. If edit field contains apostrophes, they will be properly escaped.

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Similar Question here:

How does one escape characters in Delphi string

Covers single quotes and escape characters

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I usually use the QuotedStr function to fix strings with quotes in them. Also, I often find it helpful to have defined constants like CRLF and TAB that represent #13#10 and #9 respectively. Sometimes, it seems clearer (to me at least) to do something similar with quotes.

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