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I have a problem in getting the data from the backend so i can show it up in my controller.

For example I have this module:

in config.xml i will add a routers for the controllers


Controller (CompanyName/NewModule/controllers/IndexController.php)

class CompanyName_NewModule_IndexController extends Mage_Core_Controller_Front_Action {

    protected $_order;

    public function getOrder() {
        if ($this->_order == null) {

        return $this->_order;

    public function indexAction(){
        $session = Mage::getSingleton('checkout/session');


Block (CompanyName/NewModule/Block/Redirect.php)

class CompanyName_NewModule_Block_Redirect extends Mage_Core_Block_Abstract {

    protected function _toHtml() {
        $html = '<html><body>';
        $html.= $this->__('You will be redirected to the payment website in a few seconds.');
        $html.= '</body></html>';

        return $html;

Here is the problem. I don't have an idea on how i can get the details from the backend and i will use it in the redirect.php block. And how I can get the product details that the customer want to purchase.

I know that I need to include the model so I can get the details and when I print_r this


I don't see any product details.

Please share some knowledge or links. Your help will be a big contribution to magento developer beginners. Thank you.

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$products = Mage::getSingleton('checkout/session')->getQuote()->getAllItems();

Check this article for more:- Magento: Get all shopping cart items and totals

Hope this helps. Thanks.

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you can do something similar in your block to get the quote and used payment method instance

$quote = Mage::getSingleton('checkout/session')->getQuote();

//to assure that you don't initiate a new instance with Mage::getModel('yourextension/model'); and always use the same instance 
$paymentMethod = $quote->getPayment()->getMethodInstance(); 

//assuming that this is implemented and returns Mage::getStoreConfig('your/config/path');
$paymentMethodConfig = $paymentMethod()->getConfig();

$products = $quote->getAllItems();
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