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I wonder if it's technically possible to lower/increase the output power of a USB port?

I am skeptic myself, but I ask to be sure.

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Define "possible". What are the constraints? I mean you could of course change output power by attaching another power source to the port. – davmac May 4 '11 at 2:49
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I believe the USB spec allows for different power load states. Initially a device is supplied 100mA. Once a device can handshake with the USB controller and perform a certain request, the controller can supply a "high load" current of 500mA. Check this related SO question for more details.

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As mentioned above, yes. To get more than 500mA (USB 2.0), use a combiner cable to parallel two or more USB ports. These cables are very common as they are used by external USB hard drives to get the required current.

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It is Not Possible..Because USB already provides techniques to reduce the Power level while it connected with USB Port.There will be 3 states.



During suspended state it emit only less power..So it is not needed to control the output power of the USB externally..USB itself offers for Better Power Utility

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There will be 3 states. Where's the third one? – rpax May 6 '14 at 17:04

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