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Hi I've built a grails application that is using the Quartz plugin to run periodic jobs. I've been building functionality to perdically push my log files to my S3 account. ( This was built to get around the current drawback of elb's built it in log rotating which only keeps the last hour ) .

To test it out I created one job that logs a message every 5 seconds and another that zips up the log files and pushes them up to S3 every minute. Now when I run on my own machine using the built in Jetty everythign works fine.

However when I go to Elastic Bean stalk and upload my project the log statements never appear and no logs are pushed up to my S3 instance. ( The app is successfully deployed ) . So it seems the scheduled jobs are never executed.... Not seeing any error messages either.

Has anyone else expeirenced this? Is there a particular setting that needs to be set in Tomcat?


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I'd try to monitor the jobs: stackoverflow.com/questions/3249405/… . We also had an issue that jobs didn't run if their classes were not in the default package. –  Victor Sergienko May 4 '11 at 6:48
thanks. that does seem to be the problem. I moved my jobs into the default package and now see them running in tomcat. –  imrank1 May 7 '11 at 17:34

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