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Does anyone know of a windows commmand-line ( available on XP Pro or later by default ) that could copy a file while showing progress. I do not care if the progress indicator is in a terminal or a GUI window.

This is intended to be used during batch file scripting

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Robocopy is your friend here. –  Harry Johnston Jul 30 '12 at 20:50

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Close, but not available on XP y deafult. Though I will consider it. –  Steven Sep 12 '08 at 12:14

used the copy command with the /z switch for copying over network drives, also works for copying between local drives. on XP home edition

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Perfect answer. This works very well, also lets you restart if a connection is interrupted. Surprised I had not noticed this feature in the past, Thank you. –  Justin Feb 27 '13 at 21:19
xp any, and win7 any. –  barlop Jul 21 at 8:20

You could easily write a program to do that, I've got several that I've written, that display bytes copied as the file is being copied. If you're interested, comment and I'll post a link to one.

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Yes, I know I could write such a thing. The idea is to reuse any available resources and to simplify sharing of the script. –  Steven Sep 12 '08 at 12:15
To be fair Gulzar, Josef was offering to send you one, and to send you his available resource to you for reuse. I suspect you stopped reading after 9 words. –  harriyott Sep 12 '08 at 12:25
Any Josef, you could share those to the rest of the community :) –  Fernando Barrocal Sep 12 '08 at 13:01
When I get home I'll dig them up and post a link here. –  Josef Sep 12 '08 at 14:22

This technet link has some good info for copying large files. I used an exchange server utility mentioned in the article which shows progress and uses non buffered copy functions internally for faster transfer.

In another scenario, I used robocopy. Robocopy GUI makes it easier to get your command line options right.

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Does not the xcopy command show progress? I don't have a Windows machine available to test, but I recall it being more verbose than the regular copy command.

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Here is the script I use:

@ECHO off
mode con:cols=210 lines=50
ECHO Starting 1-way backup of MEDIA(M:) to BACKUP(G:)...
robocopy.exe M:\ G:\ *.* /E /PURGE /SEC /NP /NJH /NJS /XD "$RECYCLE.BIN" "System Volume Information" /TEE /R:5 /COPYALL /LOG:from_M_to_G.log
ECHO Finished with backup.
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Some interesting timings regarding all these methods. If you have Gigabit connections, you should not use the /z flag or it will kill your connection speed. Robocopy or dism are the only tools that go full speed and show a progress bar. wdscase is for multicasting off a WDS server and might be faster if you are imaging 5+ computers. To get the 1:17 timing, I was maxing out the Gigabit connection at 920Mbps so you won't get that on two connections at once. Also take note that exporting the small wim index out of the larger wim file too longer than just copying the whole thing.

Model  Exe       OS       switches     index    size    time   link speed 
8760w  dism      Win8     /export-wim  index 1  6.27GB  2:21   link 1Gbps
8760w  dism      Win8     /export-wim  index 2  7.92GB  1:29   link 1Gbps
6305   wdsmcast  winpe32  /trans-file  res.RWM  7.92GB  6:54   link 1Gbps
6305   dism      Winpe32  /export-wim  index 1  6.27GB  2:20   link 1Gbps
6305   dism      Winpe32  /export-wim  index 2  7.92GB  1:34   link 1Gbps
6305   copy      Winpe32  /z           Whole    7.92GB  25:48  link 1Gbps
6305   copy      Winpe32  none         Wim      7.92GB  1:17   link 1Gbps
6305   xcopy     Winpe32  /z /j        Wim      7.92GB  23:54  link 1Gbps
6305   xcopy     Winpe32  /j           Wim      7.92GB  1:38   link 1Gbps
6305   VBS.copy  Winpe32               Wim      7.92    1:21   link 1Gbps
6305   robocopy  Winpe32               Wim      7.92    1:17   link 1Gbps

If you don't have robocopy.exe available, why not run it from the network share you are copying your files from? In my case, I prefer to do that so I don't have to rebuild my WinPE boot.wim file every time I want to make a change and then update dozens of flash drives.

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The Esentutl /y option allows copyng (single) file files with progress bar like this :

enter image description here

the command should look like :

esentutl /y "FILE.EXT" /d"DEST.EXT" /o

The command is available on every windows machine but the y option is presented in windows vista. As it works only with single files does not look very useful for a small ones.

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