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I've searched about this question in many places, but haven't found answer. According to rails guides and similar materials about caching, rails can use one of such cache types: in-memory, file storage, memcached, custom cache classes, and so on.

But what if I want to use two or three cache types in one application, depending on cached entity?

For example (a high-load news agregator): I have a couple of front-end rails servers, couple of servers with sharded MongoDB and one server for memcached. What if I want to make

  1. per-node in-memory cache on front-ends for very often used tiny collections (to avoid network latency acquiring data from memcached) for news sections and support data

  2. memcached for most read latest news

  3. file storage cache (can be stored in one network file storage mounted for all front-ends) for archive news (must be cached to avoid frequent mark-up processing, but is too big to store it in memory)

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AFAIK there's no cache plugin or mechanism that enables the fine customization you desire. You can always write your own cache store that delegates to another subsystems according to what's being cached.

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