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I'm in a need for doing some sort of processing on the objects that get pickled just before it happens. More precisely for instances of subclasses of a certain base class I would like something totally different to be pickled instead and then recreated on loading.

I'm aware of __getstate__ & __setstate__ however this is a very invasive approach. My understanding is that these are private methods (begin with double underscore: __), and as such are subject to name mangling. Therefore this effectively would force me to redefine those two methods for every single class that I want to be subject to this non standard behavior. In addition I don't really have a full control over the hierarchy of all classes.

I was wondering if there is some sort of brief way of hooking into pickling process and applying this sort of control that __getstate__ and __setstate__ give but without having to modify the pickled classes as such.

A side note for the curious ones. This is a use case taken from a project using Django and Celery. Django models are either unpickable or very unpractical and cumbersome to pickle. Therefore it's much more advisable to pickle pairs of values ID + model class instead. However sometimes it's not the model directly that is pickled but rather a dictionary of models, a list of models, a list of lists of models, you name it. This forces me to write a lot of copy-paste code that I really dislike. A need for pickling models comes itself from Django-celery setup, where functions along with their call arguments are scheduled for later execution. Unfortunately among those arguments there are usually a lot of models mixed up in some nontrivial hierarchy.


I do have a possibility of specifying a custom serializer to be used by Celery, so it's really a question of being able to build a slightly modified serializer on top of pickle without much effort.

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The only additional hooks that are related are reduce() and _reduce_ex()

What is the difference between __reduce__ and __reduce_ex__ ?

Python: Ensuring my class gets pickled only with the latest protocol

Not sure if they really provide what you need in particular.

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But this again requires me to implement some additional methods on the class whose instances are pickled. So it's again an invasive approach, or do I misunderstand? – julkiewicz May 4 '11 at 5:19
Then you have no other options on the pickle level closed – Andreas Jung May 4 '11 at 5:20
well you could create a class hierarchy and make a base class have these additional methods and everything would descend from this base class instead of object? – anijhaw May 4 '11 at 5:27

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