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Hello I'm trying to customize the list.html view for the CRUD section of a play application.

My model is like this

I have an object with a relation to an other object like so:

public class MyObjectA extends Model {

    public String myObjectAName;


    public MyObjectB myObjectB;

Now in the list.html that I overwride I have this

<div id="crudListTable">
    #{crud.table fields:['myObjectB', 'myObjectAName'] /}

Now doing this code will display something like this when calling the following url http://myplayapp/admin/myObjectAs in a browser

myObjectB __ myObjectAName

MyObjectB[1] __ Hey this a name for myObjectAName
MyObjectB[2] __ Hey this is another name for myObjectAName

Note the use of the Object name and the object id in [] for my MyObjectB.

So to display the myObjectBName property of MyObjectB in the list above, I try this:

<div id="crudListTable">
    #{crud.table fields:['myObjectB.myObjectBName', 'myObjectAName'] /}

But then I get this error

Execution error occured in template {module:crud}/app/views/tags/crud/table.html. >Exception raised was MissingPropertyException : No such property: myObjectB.myObjectBName >for class: models.MyObjectA.

Of course MyObjectB has a public property myObjectBName

So what am I doing wrong here?

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It's not working, because The fields parameter just takes a list of field names of the class to display (here MyObjectA) and "myObjectB.myObjectBName" isn't the name of a field in MyObjectA.

There are two ways to do this:

The simple solution is to override the toString() method of MyObjectB. This has the disadvantage, that the same string is used everywere a MyObjectB is displayed, and that may be not what you want.


public class MyObjectB extends Model {

  // ...

  public String toString(() {
    return this.myObjectBName;


The list specifc solution is to use the crud.custom tag.


#{crud.table fields:['myObjectB', 'myObjectAName']}
   #{crud.custom 'myObjectB'}
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Thank you RoToRa! The crud.custom tag is exactly what I needed – Alain May 4 '11 at 13:01

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