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I want to remove the gesture color (yellow).

I got a code from the stack overflow post , but I am facing some problem with this answer. When I begin to drag, the gesture is appearing with yellow color for 1 second, and then it become transparent.

How can I make it completely transaparent fro the beginning itself..?

Thank you...

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As said by Nuktu, you can use the below attribute in case of uncertain gesture. android:uncertainGestureColor="#000"

in case of certain gesture the system will take the color value from the following attribute. android:gestureColor="#000"

One more thing, color value should be always kept as the background color then only the gesture wouldn't be visible.

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In the XML file of the GestureOverlay, you can set that initial color of a stroke by using: android:uncertainGestureColor="#000"

This determines the color used to draw the user's strokes until we are sure it's a gesture.

More information here

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you need to set both gestureColor and uncertainGestureColor to transparent or #000 in your code or xml to attain what you want cause at the beginning it takes the gesture as uncertain.......

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To remove yellow swiping bar permanantly,set gesture visibility to false.

mGestureOverlayView=new GestureOverlayView(this);
     View inflate = getLayoutInflater().inflate(R.layout.home_application_screen, null);
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