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Is there a way to determine if a device token is sandbox or distribution? We are testing and the application is sometimes signed with a development certificate and others are signed with an ad hoc certificate(distribution certificate). This is because we are passing the application around to some of the 100 provided ad hoc test devices, and also building development signed apps to our devices. Because sending a push notification requires that we select the appropriate push server and pem file, it would be great to be able to determine if the token is sandbox or distribution to send the notifications in the appropriate way so that the push notification succeeds. We must sometimes use the distribution profile to sign our applications, so testing the push notification system requires us to deliver these notifications properly.

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  1. Open project build setting
  2. Go to preprocessing settings
  3. Under "Preprocessor macros not used in precompiled headers" (assuming you are not branching code in a .pch file), add TOKEN_ENV_SANDBOX=0 under Ad Hoc and TOKEN_ENV_SANDBOX=1 under Debug and Release.
  4. In your code wherever just use the compiler directive



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Here is what Apple has to say

You can determine in Xcode which environment you are in by the selection of a code-signing identity. If you see an “iPhone Developer: Firstname Lastname” certificate/provisioning profile pair, you are in the sandbox environment. If you see an “iPhone Distribution: Companyname” certificate/provisioning profile pair, you are in the production environment.

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