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Is there any library or code samples to convert an image to text in the .net compact framework? I have seen an app on a mobile phone that you can take a picutre of a business card and it will auto fill in a contact record so I know it is possible but I was wondering how to do it. I searched google and can't seem to find anything specific for the compact framework, does anyone out there have any ideas? Thanks

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OCR is a tricky beast, which is why you probably won't find many free, high-quality, OCR engines. The OCR app on your phone (I'm guessing it's an HTC phone with WorldCard Mobile?) probably has an extremely-well-protected OCR engine or it farms out the work via a webservice.

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Just for the record, one option could be to compile the Tesserac project ( into a native dll for your target device and using this dll with p/Invoke from .NetCF.

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