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Hey, I'm trying to dump my data to SQL statements. the django-admin.py dumpdata provides only json,xml,yaml. so:

  1. does someone know a good way to do it?!

  2. I tried that:

    def sqldumper(model):

    result = ""
    units = model.objects.all().values()
    for unit in units:
        statement = "INSERT INTO myapp.model "+str(tuple(unit.keys())).replace("'", "")+" VALUES " + str(tuple(unit.values()))+"\r\n"
    return result

so I'm going over the model values myself, and make the INSERT statement myself. then I thought of using "django-admin.py sql" to get the "CREATE" statement.. but then I don't know how to use this line from inside my code (and not through the command-line). I tried os.popen and os.system, but it doesn't really work.. any tips about that?

I'll put it clearly: how do you use the "manage.py sql " from inside your code?

I add something like this to my view:

import os, sys
import imp
from django.core.management import execute_manager

sys_argv_backup = sys.argv
import settings
sys.argv = ['','sql','myapp']
sys.argv = sys_argv_backup

the thing is - it works.. but it writes the statements to the stdout... it's something, but not perfect. I'll try using django.core.management.sql.sql_create directly, we'll see how it's going..


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I suggest to use SQL-specific dump program (e.g. mysqldump for MySQL).

For sqlite embedded in Python, you can look this example not involving Django:

# Convert file existing_db.db to SQL dump file dump.sql
import sqlite3, os

con = sqlite3.connect('existing_db.db')
with open('dump.sql', 'w') as f:
    for line in con.iterdump():
        f.write('%s\n' % line)
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I thought about it, but let's say I'm using the ordinary sqlite3 that you get from django. I know it's easy on MySQL, but how do you do it on sqlite? –  nivniv May 4 '11 at 9:37
Ok, answer updated –  Don May 4 '11 at 10:06
I added some "steps" I made to the question above, it's not perfect, but it's something to make me closer to the goal.. thanks though Don –  nivniv May 4 '11 at 13:51

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