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I am trying to make a prog which can record voice and store it in digital audio format on LINUX using ALSA. (currently using Ubuntu). While looking for some help on net, I found this code from here

#include "formats.h"
  WaveChunkHeader      wch, ch = {WAV_FMT,16};
  WaveHeader           h;
  WaveFmtBody          f;
  wch.type     = WAV_DATA;

However, I don't have "formats.h" header file on my system. Any one know from where(which dev pkg) I can get this header file (containing audio file format related info)?

Thanks, Vikram

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it should be in the alsa-utils package, subdirectory aplay:


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Thx :)......... –  Vikram.exe May 4 '11 at 11:20

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