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I am converting mysql database to sqlite 3 database using the script provided here: http://www.jbip.net/content/how-convert-mysql-sqlite

But when i execute this script, I get following error:

mysql-sqllite.sh: fork: Resource temporarily unavailable

Is there anything that I can do here?

Regards, Sapan

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It seems to be not a specific problem with the script, but with your box. Teh googles told me among others this sollution:


It says:

Check the file : /usr/src/linux/include/linux/tasks.h


 #define NR_TASKS        512     /* On x86 Max 4092, or 4090 w/APM configured. */

to whatvever you want..

It seems that you can't run fork (kindof like: start a new task), because you're not allowed (resource is not available). So one of the processes can't be started.

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