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I currently have a page ReportPDF.aspx which creates a PDF and writes it to the response. I set the filename using the Content-Disposition header. However, if someone uses "Save link as..." on the link, it still saves the file as ReportPDF.aspx.

How can I use Report.pdf as filename, while still dynamically creating the PDF?

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Can you post the code that u have written for that link –  Dotnet May 4 '11 at 9:49

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I'm afraid that's a behaviour of the browser that the client is using - some will (correctly) use the content-disposition header and some won't... sorry.

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Could you use URL rewriting so that the URL is actually Report.pdf, which is then rewritten to ReportPDF.aspx server-side?

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I had the same issue, and have it work with "clean" names :

  • no spaces
  • only letters and numbers
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I solved it by linking to


And using the Request.PathInfo variable to get the parameter.

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