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Are there any good solutions for

  • Rate Limiting
  • Analytics
  • Monitoring

a REST API. I'm preferably looking for self hosted open source solutions. FWIW The API is PHP/MySQL based.

I found Apigee and it looks good (haven't tried it yet) but its not free (for the scale I'm working at) and is cloud based.

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3scale does what you're looking for and it's free: http://www.3scale.net/ - it's hosted and takes care of API Keys, Rate limits, analytics, developer portal + billing and payments if you need that. It works using code plugins (listed under API plugins) or with a plugin into Varnish which you can put in front of the app.

I work there - so happy to help if you want to try it out. There's a signup on the site and the docs home is here: https://support.3scale.net/.

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