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Is it possible to retrieve the name of a document from a CGPDFDocumentRef

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By "name of a document", do you mean the document filename or title?

If the document "title" is included in the metadata it can be retrieved like this:

    char *titleKey = "Title";
    CGPDFStringRef titleStringRef;

    CGPDFDictionaryRef info = CGPDFDocumentGetInfo(myDocumentRef);
    CGPDFDictionaryGetString(info, titleKey, &titleStringRef);
    const unsigned char *titleCstring = CGPDFStringGetBytePtr(titleStringRef);

    printf("title: %s", titleCstring);

The other keys are listed in section 10.2 of the PDF 1.7 specification: Adobe PDF Reference Archives

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Thanks, I actually mean the filename but my guess is, that that is impossible. Do you happen to know the key for retrieving the creation date from the meta-data? –  MrThys May 6 '11 at 14:30
"CreationDate", and there is also a "ModDate". –  John Lemberger May 6 '11 at 14:53

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