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Hello I am a beginner and i want to know how I can decide which port I can use for my socket?


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@user729975 - Please make some effort to title your questions meaningfully, rather than just typing 3 terms related to the subject matter. That's what tags are for. – razlebe May 4 '11 at 10:54

You can use any port that is not already used by any application.
I suggest to stay away from 1-1024 ports.These ports are used by common applications.
Here is a list of app's and what ports they are using : List

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Ports less than 1024 are usually reserved for system operations, after that you just need to avoid anything that you know will be in use on the machine(s) your program may run on. If you don't know that, then make the port a configurable setting.

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You could use any port you like but suggest using one that is
1) not currently being used by another application (run resmon.exe on windows7 to see what ports are in use)
2) not a well known port of another service (eg 443, HTTPS)
3) not an OS 'reserved' port; that is a port less than 1024.

See this list for more

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