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I'm trying to display a small panel during debugging in my application with various miscellaneous functionality. One thing i want it to contain is information about the current route.

I tried to look at Controller.RouteData but some of the properties were null.

 RouteData.Route          - null
 RouteData.RouteHandler   - null
 RouteData.Values         - has expected values corresponding to the URL

How do I get the value of 'Route' ?

I did see this post about URL debugging, but I don't think that helps because although I'm writing a debugging console I want the 'runtime' values and don't want to put in an extra layer of abstraction.

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I know this is an old question but still... you would like to to have the route-variables?

then you might get them via


The name of the routevalue comes from the routing where you define all variables.

So you can access to Controller, Action, ID, whatever you have in the routing.

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@griti i dont rememebr exactly the situation but I'm no longer having the problem. RouteData.Route now has a value. I'm not sure if this changed for RTM or MVC 2 Preview 2. I dont think the problem was not being able to find the 'controller' name, but having a Route object –  Simon_Weaver Oct 26 '09 at 22:09

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