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I'm trying to deploy an EJB 3 EAR project to WebSphere 7.

From RSA 8.0 I select the EAR file. When I select the EAR project > run as > Server > WAS7 I get the following error:

"the server does not support version 6.0 of the J2EE Enterprise application specification"

I changed my JRE/JDK to 1.5 in RSA, but the same thing happens. Is it a specific jar which causes this>

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Java EE versions (J2EE 1.3, J2EE 1.4, Java EE 5, Java EE 6) are not the same like JRE/JDK version, this are two different things.

  • JRE/JDK is about the language, compiler and the java core frameworks.
  • J2EE/Java EE is about high level frameworks like EJB, JPA, JSF, CDI....

WebSphere Application Server 7 supports (only) Java EE 5 but not Java EE 6. So you need to build a Java EE 5 application, reducing JRE/JDK from 6 to 5 is not enough, you also need to build a Java EE 5 EAR, without usage of any of the great Java EE 6 features.

So if it is only for your own, then I recommend to use GlassFish v3 instead, it has Java EE 6 support.

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Thanks, its because i created the EAR project on eclipse STS IDE which defaults to JEE6. Importing it to WAS7 would need me to choose JEE5 –  sonx May 20 '11 at 12:03
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