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var d1 = Date.parse(date); // eg, 7th jan
var d2 =; // eg, 2nd jan

I want to do:

(d2 - d1).days

which with the above data, should return 5.

Is this possible with datejs?

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The optional TimeSpan module includes functionality to easily get various value differences between two date objects.

Just include after your main date.js include, or combine.

In the "time.js" file, there's also a TimePeriod class. You might not require, so just crop what you need if weight is an issue.

The following sample demonstrates the full scenario.


var d1 = Date.parse("jan 7"); // eg, 7th jan
var d2 = Date.parse("jan 2"); // eg, 2nd jan

console.log(new TimeSpan(d1 - d2).days); // 5

Hope this helps.

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Excellent, I used the Timespan library but altered it to support TotalHours etc. – SLC May 13 '11 at 11:59

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