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I have this method:

function replaceRightClickIcefacesMethod() {
    var oldName = jQuery(".singlePaneOfGlassBlock").attr("oncontextmenu");
    oldName = oldName.replace('Ice.Menu.contextMenuPopup', 'contextMenuPopupUpdated');

    jQuery(".singlePaneOfGlassBlock").attr("oncontextmenu", oldName);

I do not understand why Firebug reports:

oldName.replace is not a function

Do you see any issue? For me it's just weird...

UPDATE: Just notice that oldName returns a function, if I do alert(oldName):

function oncontextmenu(event) {
Ice.Menu.contextMenuPopup(event, "j_id88:sectionContextMenu_sub", "j_id88:j_id111:0:j_id123:0:j_id124");
return false;


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What does oldName contain after init? –  Mantar May 4 '11 at 13:01

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Before jQuery 1.6, jQuery(".singlePaneOfGlassBlock").attr("oncontextmenu") returns a function as it returns the property of the DOM element and not the attribute (DEMO).

This is fixed in jQuery 1.6 (DEMO).

If you cannot use jQuery 1.6, you have to call getAttribute on the DOM element:

var oldName = jQuery(".singlePaneOfGlassBlock")[0].getAttribute('onclick');
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yeah you are right.... it returns a function not a string... –  Cristian Boariu May 4 '11 at 13:02

Check if oldName is null...

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Maybe remove assignation in third line? Replace may return number of entries replaced.

function replaceRightClickIcefacesMethod(){
  var oldName = jQuery(".singlePaneOfGlassBlock").attr("oncontextmenu");


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replace is not in-place. It returns a new string. But anyway, the error is oldName.replace is not a function which means the replace does not exist in the first place. –  Felix Kling May 4 '11 at 13:34

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