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I need to replace any characters in the set...


with an empty string. Can someone post how this is done?

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btw, I am using C# Regex object –  bigwavesoftware May 4 '11 at 14:44

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For C#

Regex.Replace(input, @"[\[\\\]*?/:]", string.Empty)
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Depends on the language you are using; but you could use (with sed)

sed -e "s/\[\]\*\?\/\\\://g" filename
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Perl: $str =~ s/.//g;

But I think you mean replacement with a Space: $str =~ s/./ /g;

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For Javascript

var s = "he[ll]o? \*/ foo:bar";
var replaced = s.replace(/[[\\\]*?/:]/g, "");

>>hello  foobar
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