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We're developing an online virtual-world (flash-based) and like all virtual-worlds we try to use metrics collected to make better decisions about our product.

This is quiet a development hassle so we started looking into possible SaaS BI (Software as a Service - Business intelligence) solutions.

I ran into http://www.statsmix.com/ which offers something similar to what we're looking for but does not support some more elaborate query making. (At least I couldn't figure out how and their support didn't answer yet..)

Does anyone know of any other viable solutions? We're interested in a service that also stores/accepts new data directly from users (so we don't have to deal with scaling our metrics). + analyze the data in various ways. (Or any other good solution that you happen to know of.. )

Many thanks for the help!

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Software As A Service :) –  Alon Jun 21 '11 at 11:49

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I have used Cognos for years and would love to have a similar service in SaaS mode. It seems that it doesn't exist. However I found this solucion which looks ok for my basic needs, maybe you'd like to give it a try.


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Definitely check out GoodData - we have full stack including ETL running in the Cloud Platform. Feel free to ask questions and check out more details:


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