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I am a complete C# novice & want the best way to achieve the following. I have 2 data tables

Table 1 - Employees  
Emp Code.....Emp Name.....Manager Cd  
1............Bill Smith......A  
2............Mick Franks.....A  
3............Joyce Watson....B  

Table 2 - Managers  
Manager Cd......Manager Name  
A...............Simon Smith  
B...............Sue Payne  

Manager code is the foreign key in the Employees table I have a datagrid that displays the Employees table but when users add/edit the Manager Cd I would like to display a combo box that displays the Manager Name but will store the Manager Cd when selected from the list.

I'm sure this is fairly straight forward but I have spent approx 3 hours on the i/net trying to find a solution but they all seem hideously complicated.

Thanks for your help

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You can define a column of the DataGridView as a DataGridViewComboBoxColumn, this type of column has a property named Datasource that you can point to the dataTable containing the list of possible values.

You can find a sample of this on the official MSDN documentation.

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The "normal" ComboBox has DisplayMember and ValueMember properties which you can set. In your case you'd want to set DisplayMember to the manager name and ValueMember to the manager code. (You'd also need to set the DataSource as noted by @Doliveras.)

According to the online docs (see @Doliveras' answer) these should also be available on the DataGridViewComboBoxColumn ... but I know from personal experience that was not the case in .NET 2.0.

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               DataGridViewComboBoxColumn combo = new DataGridViewComboBoxColumn();

                combo.Name = "......";
                combo.DataPropertyName = ".....";
                DataTable dt = obj.SqlDataTable("your sql query")

                foreach (DataRow row in dt.Rows)


This will add a combobox to ur gridview and populate that with the corresponding values from database you can add a button to update the selected values from the dropdown/combobox into the database. This is just an idea to give you a quick start.Hope this helps.

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