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Pardon my ignorance of Perl. Here is the situation I am facing..

$perl_scalar = decode_json( encode ('utf8',$line));

decode_json returns a reference. I am sure this is an array. How do I find the size of $perl_scalar ?? As per Perl docs, arrays are referenced using @name. Is there a work around?


This reference consist of an array of hashes. I would like to get the number of hashes.

If I do length($perl_scalar), I get some number which does not match the number of elements in array.

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That would be:


You can get more information from perlreftut.

You can copy your referenced array to a normal one like this:

my @array = @{$perl_scalar};

But before that you should check whether the $perl_scalar is really referencing an array, with ref:

if (ref($perl_scalar) eq "ARRAY") {
  my @array = @{$perl_scalar};
  # ...


The length method cannot be used to calculate length of arrays, it's for getting the length of the strings.

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You can see the entire structure with Data::Dumper:

use Data::Dumper;
print Dumper $perl_scalar;

Data::Dumper is a standard module that is installed with Perl. For a complete list of all the standard pragmatics and modules, see perldoc perlmodlib.

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$num_of_hashes = @{$perl_scalar};

Since you're assigning to a scalar the dereferenced array is evaluated in scalar context to the number of elements.

If you need to force scalar context then do as KARASZI says and use the scalar function.

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