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I have a button which launches a macro in OpenOffice. Within the macro, I want to change the name of the button. The original code for Excel is

    Selection.Characters.Text = "Punch In"

but the first line does nothing. I've checked the sheet in OpenOffice and the button has the right name. How do I get to it?

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There's a snippet of code here that shows how to change the label and state of all buttons but the one you desire.

Sub clickCommandButton1
    oPage = Thiscomponent.Sheets.getByName("Sheet1").getDrawPage
    iCount = oPage.getCount
    For i = 0 to iCount - 1
        oEle = oPage.getByIndex(i)
        oControl = oEle.getControl()
        If oControl.DefaultControl = "com.sun.star.form.control.CommandButton" Then
            ' Found command button - change label of other buttons '
            If oEle.Name <> "CommandButton1" Then
                oControl.Label = "Inactive"
                oControl.Enabled = False
            End If
        End If
End Sub

I would modify this to iterate over all the buttons but change the internal if-statement to '=" instead of "<>" (and remove the disabling if that's not needed).

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Wonderful, thank you. I'll check it out and post my code when it works. –  Yar Feb 26 '09 at 6:16

Thanks to Pax, here's my working code. Not sure how robust it is, but for the sheet in question it works. Thanks again, Pax.

sub testThis
    setButtonLabel("PunchButton", "hello")
    setButtonLabel("ReportButton", "hello")
end sub

sub setButtonLabel(controlName, label)
    oPage = ThisComponent.CurrentController.ActiveSheet.getDrawPage
    iCount = oPage.getCount
    For i = 0 to iCount - 1
        oControl = oPage.getByIndex(i).getControl
        If oControl.Name = controlName Then
            oControl.label = label
            exit sub
        End If
end sub
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