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I have a web page with a link called "Download". When user press that link, I'm using javascript to add a gif animation so that user knows that the system is busy. Here is the code:

function submit_form()
  var nfy = document.getElementById('nfy_area');
  var img = document.createElement( 'img' );
  img.setAttribute('src', 'images/wait24trans.gif');
  nfy.innerHTML = "This will take a few minutes. Please be patient...";
  nfy.appendChild( img );

However, this only works for Opera. For Chrome, nothing is displayed. For Firefox, a broken image is displayed.



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Not sure why it's not working for you. The actual image insertion seems to be working for me: (tested in ff, safari, chrome, and opera). Perhaps something is interfering with the call to your submit_form function...? Maybe try adding some breakpoints in chrome and ff and see what's firing and when. – Brian Flanagan May 4 '11 at 15:58

Check out broken images on firefox to see where does it search for image to fix the src.

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For what it's worth, the HTML5 spec is likely to require that the submit() call there imply a stop() call.

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SOLVED: The target of the submit action is another page. So presumably both FF and Chrome detect this and stops loading anything else on the current page. I put in a delay before submitting the form and now it works fine.

Commendably, Opera works perfectly well.

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