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For loop issue:

in1 = open('file_1', 'r')
in2 = open('file_2', 'r')
outf = open('out_file', 'w')

for line in in1:
    s = line.split('\t')
    A = s[1][:-1]
    B = s[0]
    counter = 0
    for line in in2:
        ss = line.split('\t')
        if A == ss[0] or A == ss[1]:
            counter += 1

The problem is that it is only going through for line in in2: for the first line in in1. I can't seem to figure out why.

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You can iterate over a file only once. To start from the beginning again, use


before the inner loop.

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Makes perfect sense. I deleted my answer...for some reason thought there could be a scope issue. –  Ben Hoffstein May 4 '11 at 15:52

The first time you loop over in2, you consume it. Either reopen it, or seek back to the beginning.

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Once you have read each line from file_2 in the inner loop then in2 is at end-of-file. If you want to read file_2 for each line in file_1 then add:


just before or after the write.

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When working with files, please do this

with open('out_file', 'w') as outf:
    with open('file_1', 'r') as in1:
        for line in in1:
            s = line.split('\t')
            a = s[1][:-1]
            b = s[0]
            counter = 0
            with open('file_2', 'r') as in2:
                for line in in2:

Using with assures your files are closed.

Opening a file in the smallest enclosing scope guarantees it can be read all the way through. It's costly to keep reopening the file, but there are a lot of ways to speed up this application.

Also, please use only lowercase variable names. Reserve Uppercase for class names.

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