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I have two tables in my Sybase database A and B. The relationship between them is one-to-many where an entry in A may have one or more entries in B associated with it (via ID).

I am trying to replicate this relationship in Java code, where I'd have a data structure for an entry in table A that would contain a list of entries from table B associated with it. Is there a way to create some sort of mapper in Spring where I can avoid loading two result sets and then trying to consolidate them together?

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Look, for example, at MyBatis mapper (Advanced Result Mapping section in You can load you one-to-many structure in the single query, and of course you can integrate mybatis mapping in your spring application context.

I suppose you can get the same result with any ORM tool.

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Thanks! I was hoping to use the SimpleJdbcTemplate from Spring and its RowMappers to avoid any more 3rd party tools. I'll keep this in mind though! – Alexandra May 5 '11 at 14:37

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