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A new version of AspectJ was released a few weeks ago. But most of the official documentation is really old, dating before the AspectWerkz merge. Books are similarly dated. It's difficult to figure out what has happened post-merge.

Have the AspectJ language extensions and ajc become mandatory now? Has the AspectWerkz pure java implementation disappeared?


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AspectWerkz was merged with AspectJ since AspectJ 5. But the current version of AspectJ is 6. So there are a lot of books and documentation which covers @AspectJ. For example, AspectJ in Action, Second Edition covers AspectJ 6 and it is a great book. And you can find the official @AspectJ documentation here.

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This answer is almost perfect, but I do want to add one thing. The official documentation is kept up to date with each release and is available at eclipse.org/aspectj. –  Andrew Eisenberg May 4 '11 at 21:17
Thank you Andrew! –  Constantiner May 5 '11 at 20:15
@Constantiner: No, the current version is 8 (1.8.4 for Java 8) and the documentation is for AspectJ 5, i.e. after AspectWerkz merge. So your answer is wrong IMO. What has changed since AspectJ 5 is mostly captured in the READMEs for each major/minor release and tedious to find, but the reference and developer manuals and tutorial have not been updated, that is correct. –  kriegaex Jan 8 at 15:45
@AndrewEisenberg: I cannot see any significant updates in the official documentation since AspectJ 5, as explained above. This really is a shortcoming and Andy Clement knows about it, but is too busy keeping up the documentation. He does so much already, so I am not blaming him, I am just stating a fact. –  kriegaex Jan 8 at 15:49

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