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I'm starting to use Guice/Shiro instead of Spring/Spring Security. I have looked examples from Shiro site, and all configuration examples are made as INI-file examples. Is it possible to configure Shiro in plain Java, as Guice Servlets are meant to be configured?

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Yes it is possible, but requires some glue code if you want Guice to create your Realms.

  1. Bind Realm implementation:
  1. Bind WebSecurityManager:
    @Provides @Singleton WebSecurityManager securityManager(Realm realm) {
      DefaultWebSecurityManager sm = new DefaultWebSecurityManager();
      return sm;
  1. Subclass one of Shiro filters so you can use Guice provided WebSecurityManager:
    public class SecurityFilter extends IniShiroFilter {

      static class SecurityManagerFactory extends WebIniSecurityManagerFactory {

        private final WebSecurityManager securityManager;

        public SecurityManagerFactory(WebSecurityManager securityManager) {
          this.securityManager = securityManager;

        public SecurityManagerFactory(WebSecurityManager securityManager, Ini ini) {
          this.securityManager = securityManager;

        protected SecurityManager createDefaultInstance() {
          return securityManager;

      private final Provider<WebSecurityManager> securityManager;

      SecurityFilter(Provider<WebSecurityManager> securityManager) {
        this.securityManager = securityManager;

      protected Map<String, ?> applySecurityManager(Ini ini) {
        SecurityManagerFactory factory;
        if (ini == null || ini.isEmpty()) {
          factory = new SecurityManagerFactory(securityManager.get());
        } else {
          factory = new SecurityManagerFactory(securityManager.get(), ini);
        setSecurityManager((WebSecurityManager) factory.getInstance());
        return factory.getBeans();
  1. Configure your filter:
    Joiner lines = Joiner.on("\n");
    Map<String, String> config = ImmutableMap.of("config", lines.join(
        "; here you can provide additional ini",
        "admin = *",
        "/secure/** = authcBasic"
    filter("/*").through(SecurityFilter.class, config);
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Thanx for answer with full code! So eventually config must be in ini format anyway? –  newbie May 6 '11 at 6:02
Ini is optional, you can configure WebSecuirtyManager in provider method manually. –  sanjary May 6 '11 at 7:00

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